Research services: New Product Development

Each new product development project we undertake has a bespoke design personal to the end client. Varying in terms of the method of data collection, the size and structure of the survey sample, the frequency of waves and questions asked in order to fulfil specific research objectives.

What areas can we look at through New Product Development (NPD) research?

  • Understanding the role of a product within a sector
  • Identifying the key drivers of a product e.g. taste, convenience, healthy
  • Brand perceptions
  • Understanding key needs and wants for a product
  • Exploring the appeal of new products, concepts and packaging ideas (including blind taste testing)


What methodologies can we use?

Focus groups:

Discussion groups with a defined market may look at:

  • Background/purchase history regarding a product
  • Use of a certain product type – how do they use the product at home?
  • Blue sky thinking – how would they want to see the product in the future; needs, desires, what don’t they want?
  • Concepts/designs – likes, dislikes, improvements, opportunities
  • Designing the perfect product and why

Quantitative testing:

An online survey may then be conducted with target customer types and taking the most appealing concepts may look at:

  • Proving/disproving hypotheses developed at Stage 1
  • Quantifying levels of appeal, likes, dislikes for each concept
  • Testing additional add-ons/concepts developed at Stage 1

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