Research services: Event & Visitor Research

We’re able to conduct director-led research prior to, during and after an event to explore brand awareness, sponsorship awareness and recall.

No project is too big; we conduct tens of thousands of CATI and face-to-face interviews each year for a range of national and international clients. We ensure maximum project efficiency through the use of the latest technology.

We have the know-how and technical capabilities to carry our fieldwork at major events and we have participated in the ultimate spectator experience – the London 2012 Olympic Games. As fieldwork suppliers to the official Olympic research providers (Nielsen) we used the latest tablet technology to capture spectator opinions and provide real-time data at London 2012. Our data enabled LOCOG to react almost immediately to feedback and ultimately improve the overall spectator experience.

We’ve also worked at tennis tournaments, cultural events, tourist attractions and conferences and can conduct face-to-face research to gauge feeling, levels of enjoyment, opportunities to improve etc.

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“We’re a rapidly growing research company and Panelbase continually provide us with hard-to reach sample for a wide variety of projects. They’ve always been on hand to help set up and launch projects last minute and are happy to give us project updates when we ask.”

Dr David Land

Director | Clarite Research