Research methods: Vox Pops

We have the ability to conduct vox pops either face-to-face or via mobile phones (with recruitment available from our in-house panel, Panelbase).

Surveys become very engaging to panellists as they can record their views on a subject matter and we find Panelbase members are very keen to give detailed feedback in this way. Vox pops can encourage deeper insight and can provide more qualitative colour to quantitative studies with useful footage for debriefs and presentations.

To support quantitative outputs we can also undertake online vox pops with a mix of engaged and unengaged audiences to bring perceptions to life during reporting. Participants are recruited via our in-house panel, meaning this added layer of depth is considerably more cost-effective than a face-to-face version and allows participants to respond in a more relaxed and natural setting.

Participants are given the option to opt into providing a vox pop at the end of a survey and if so are presented with a short set of questions to respond to. Participants then record their answers via their smartphone or webcam, following which footage is uploaded to our secure servers. We then quality check responses and edit the footage to accompany quarterly reporting.

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“We’re always looking for a unique angle to give client stories that extra edge and Public Knowledge have always been excellent at helping us to find that something different. The team at Public Knowledge work with us to suggest new questions, formats for surveys and interesting hooks to help us achieve a good result. They’re friendly, knowledgeable and we can really rely on them to turn around a project within a tight timeframe – we’d not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

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