Research methods: Focus Groups

Our focus group research involves structured discussion with small groups of participants.

Our staff are trained to glean as much information as possible about their perceptions and expectations. They make sure that there’s enough group interaction for individuals to discuss and debate their ideas by comparing them with those of the other participants.

We have several trained qualitative moderators, including an experienced children’s moderator. They regularly conduct traditional focus groups, depth interviews, friendship pairs, or research with family groups. We can also cater for recruitment, venue hire and transcripts, as well as full reporting.

How do we invite people to attend?

We have an experienced team of MRS trained qualitative recruiters who will be briefed on a project and sent a recruitment questionnaire designed by the lead researcher. This will ensure those recruited meet the specified criteria and a spread of demographics is achieved.

Participants are contacted with a courtesy phone call from our Operations Team. We have extremely good attendance and participation at our groups due to our high standard of recruitment. In order to encourage participation and show respondents we value their feedback and time group participants are incentivised.

What happens at the focus groups?

Focus groups will be designed to last for an agreed amount of time e.g. 90 minutes and will be moderated by one of our experienced MRS trained, qualitative researchers.

Groups will be held at a time to maximise attendance and will be held at a central venue such as a conference room in a hotel. The groups are digitally recorded and transcribed to aid report writing.

We’re experienced in running focus groups and understand variety and high engagement levels are key to their success. We will therefore design a discussion guide to ensure conversation stays focused and research objectives are covered while allowing discussion to evolve based on respondent answers. We will work closely with the client to design the guide and the final document will be signed off prior to the focus groups being held.

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“Public Knowledge worked closely with our team to identify a range of methods and opportunities for conducting visitor research across our very varied winter programme of activities. Their feedback report was insightful and informative, and their presentation of findings clear and professional.”

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