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Jessamine Hopkins

Research Manager

Jessamine joined the DRG research team in 2020 as a Research Manager having worked in a range of research agencies. She has worked across a variety of sectors including travel, FMCG and financial services. She is highly enthusiastic about research, and particularly loves analysing data to develop engaging stories which bring insight projects to life and have real impact for her clients.

Jessamine has extensive experience across both qualitative and quantitative methodologies including online quantitative studies and statistical techniques, tracking studies and online communities as well as understanding the world through the eyes of consumers via ethnographic studies. Jessamine has also achieved the Market Research Society Advanced Certificate and her love of research means she is driven to always be actively expanding her research knowledge.

Outside of work, Jessamine is often found volunteering at The Animal Sanctuary or on a walk in the hills (or bothering her cat Atticus).